FAST FIVE: Iran Demands US Team Be Kicked Out Of World Cup Over Altered Flag

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US Soccer said it was to show solidarity with the ongoing 'anti-hijab' protest movement which has been raging for over two months inside Iran.

It represents the Islamic saying: “There is no god but God.” It also resembles a tulip or lotus.

The US soccer team changed Iran's flag ahead of their match, then changed it back to its correct form after Iran complained to FIFA.

#FIFAWorldCup – Richard Medhurst (@richimedhurst) November 27, 2022 FIFA has thus far not indicated whether it will take any punitive action.

Already there has been much off-the-field controversy and drama in Qatar, including a strict FIFA ban on players wearing 'pro-LGBT' armbands – which a number of European teams had initially planned to do, but have since backed off of.

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