FAST FIVE: Russia's Wagner Group Sent 'Blood-Stained' Sledgehammer To EU Parliament

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Russia's Wagner Group Sent 'Blood-Stained' Sledgehammer To EU Parliament In response to last week's European Parliament vote to designate Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism” – one Kremlin-linked official send a threatening message to the European body.  Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is the leader of Russia's most well-known and feared private security firm, Wagner mercenary group, says that he sent a bloodied sledgehammer to European parliament.

“Inside the case was a sledge hammer with fake traces of blood on it.” It's unclear (and perhaps unlikely) whether the sledgehammer was ever actually mailed or received by any official representing the Brussels-based European Parliament, beyond being shown in a Wagner Telegram video.

According to more of the publicity stunt response to the European Parliament's terror designation vote:  Prigozhin sent the sledgehammer in a violin case as an “information case” to those voting in EU Parliament.

The Putin ally said that he had held a meeting with Wagner Group commanders, and they had decided to declare the European Parliament “dissolved.” “Before this procedure enters into legal force, I have been instructed to submit an information case to the European Parliament,” Prigozhin said.

Евгений Пригожин передал в Европарламент «окровавленную» кувалду с гравировкой логотипа ЧВК «Вагнер» «Подарок» в скрипичном футляре привез юрист Пригожина Игорь Елисеев из Петербурга и передал ее блогерам, которые якобы должны отправить инструмент в Европу.

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