FAST FIVE: Market Positioning And Drivers: Will There Be An "Everything Rally" Or Will Stocks "Risk-Off" Into Year-End?

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Now, with valuations low (and more of an emphasis on cashflow) these companies which were big engines of growth will be much more careful with their spending.

One of the outcomes of the sanctions is that moving oil by tanker has become difficult and expensive because  shipping routes have lengthened to adjust for “who can buy or sell oil to whom.” China continues its re-assertion of the communist party and is extending its “client” state relationships.

After a year or more where it was extremely difficult to hire, companies will not fire people any time soon.

Recent price declines have not impacted stocks significantly, but that commodity weakness could translate into commodity stock weakness (XLE and XLM have been resilient, near the highs in XLE's case, but look for some profit taking to weigh on these stocks as markets struggle to see growth into 2023).

Maybe we see some of the various “exchange” and “custodial” entities and companies in the headline sort out their alleged issues and the market rebounds, but I don't see that happening.

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