FAST FIVE: A Grand Unified Theory Of The FTX Disaster

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The analogy does not hold.” But Quantitative Easing did not work by issuing money.

As the mainstream narrative goes, Swartz, then a 24-year-old fellow at Harvard, was caught in 2011 hacking MIT in order to liberate gated (JSTOR) journal articles that he could have freely downloaded from his account at Harvard, then hung himself without a note using somebody else's after being sentenced in court for violating the draconian Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

If morality doesn't factor into your decision calculus, who would you want involved in an attempt to establish a new global financial control center.

Then again, Coinbase was FTX's primary competitor among Western exchanges, and given the true breadth of FTX-A's extended community, they could certainly have ordered an assassination of a competitor in the backyard of another rival, potentially clearing the chess board.

Of course, it calls for the establishment of more public health jobs for such tasks as feeding the elderly during such once-in-a-century events.

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