FAST FIVE: Qatar & The World Cup: Alcohol Ban Bad, Fueling War In Syria Good?

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Qatar & The World Cup: Alcohol Ban Bad, Fueling War In Syria Good.

Authored by Gavin O'Reilly via The Ron Paul Institute For Peace & Prosperity, In the lead up to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, the hosting of the tournament by the conservative Muslim state has been the source of much controversy in Western media.

Al Janoub Stadium, one of the World Cup venues, via The Athletic In 2009, plans for the construction of a pipeline that would begin in the Qatari-managed North Dome gas field in the Persian Gulf, and which would then pass through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey on its way to Europe, were halted by the refusal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to take part, his close relationship with Russia being a deciding factor.

With the Arab Republic being a long-time opponent of the US-NATO hegemony, in which the Gulf States behind the pipeline play a key role, this refusal would act as a final straw for the regime-change lobby.

Sensing that their regime change operation wasn't going to plan, Washington's Neocons would soon resort to desperate measures.

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