FAST FIVE: Recreational Laughing-Gas Use Mounts In Europe… Along With Casualties

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Classified as a depressant, it's typically consumed by inhaling it from party balloons, and is frequently used in tandem with drugs like ketamine or MDMA.  Inhaling it can foster a sense of euphoria, relaxation and dissociation from reality.

In most places, anyone can legally buy it at a convenience store, supermarket or online — and cheaply.   “A profitable and expanding supply chain has developed, with specialised internet stores directly promoting the gas for its recreational use or offering it under the guise of its use to make whipped cream,” says the EMCDDA.  Listen up, going extra large with laughing gas can KILL you.

#balloons #nitrousoxide #NHS @djnicholl – SWB NHS Trust (@SWBHnhs) November 18, 2022 Commonly called “hippy crack” or “nos,” it's become a common fixture at music festivals.

According to WebMD, the gas can cause lower blood pressure, fainting, heart attacks, suffocation, irreversible vitamin B12 inactivation, anemia, nerve damage, memory loss, incontinence, depression, weakened immunity, numbness of hands and feet, limb spasms and ringing ears.  Used gas canisters piled high at the Notting Hill Carnival (RBKC/SWNS via Daily Mail)  “This stuff is dangerous.

The EMCDDA cautions that “any response measure needs to consider the widespread legitimate uses of nitrous oxide by industry, healthcare and consumers.” Tyler Durden Fri, 11/25/2022 – 05:45.

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