FAST FIVE: Oregon Corrects False Information On Child COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates

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The Rede Group, which created the report for the authority, acknowledged the misinformation in a memorandum obtained by The Epoch Times.

The report also claimed that the hospitalization rates for all age groups were at or above 30 percent and portrayed the child hospitalization rates as higher than those of the elderly.

The Rede Group did not respond to a request for comment on the correction.

Dennis Linthicum, a Republican, told The Epoch Times in an email that the false information showed “poor statistical analysis” and was part of a pattern “of using public money to stir-up vast quantities of statistics, data, and meaningless factoids which veils the malfeasance and parades the contempt which our bureaucratic elites exhibit toward Oregonians, and people in living in the United States.” A graph published by the Oregon Health Authority that contained false information about COVID-19 hospitalization rates.

“By beginning the After Action Report work this year, we will be better able to support public health investments and pave the way for future legislative action in the 2023 session.

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