FAST FIVE: French Interior Minister Labels Italy An "Enemy" Of France After Migration Row

Published by on – Samuel Lafont (@Samuel_Lafont) November 22, 2022 “In fact, madam, you are not patriotic if you ally yourself with the enemies who are attacking France at the moment,” Darmanin said in response to a question by Paris.

The French government is being criticized for taking in the migrants, and a report shows that 26 of the 44 minors taken in have already escaped the migrant center.

Although French President Emmanuel Macron has labeled Meloni “inhumane” for not taking in the Ocean Viking migrants, at the same time, France has now said it is retaliating by not accepting 3,000 migrants from Italy it had promised to take in.

Meloni has responded, pointing to France's CFA franc program, in which France agrees to print money for 14 African countries in exchange for mint fees, which can go as high as 50 percent.

She argues that France continues to act like a colonial power, which drives Africans to migrate in the first place.

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