FAST FIVE: CIA Seeking To Recruit Russians "Disgusted" By Putin's War

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CIA Seeking To Recruit Russians “Disgusted” By Putin's War The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking to tap Russians as potential spies who are “disgusted” with Putin's war in Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reported this week, as part of a new push to bolster its ranks of Russian assets.

“And so, for the director of operations, we're looking around the world for Russians who are as disgusted with that as we are because we're open for business,” Marlowe spelled out.

Starting months ago it was widely reported that the CIA had set up a portal on the dark web for disgruntled Russians with government information or access wishing to make contact.  Below: the full video of the David Marlowe panel.

“We are providing Russian-language instructions on how to safely contact CIA – via our Dark Web site or a reputable VPN – for those who feel compelled to reach us because of the Russian government's unjust war,” a CIA official told CBS News back in May.

At the time the CIA in the rare public disclosure indicated it is hoping that Russians, including soldiers and civilian officials, would utilize the encrypted methods to submit sensitive information to the US.

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