FAST FIVE: Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Soars 20% From 2021, Biden Admin Blames Climate Change & Putin

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All these changes are illustrated in the following chart from PoliticalCalculations blog: In the chart, we've ranked the cost of the individual items and groupings used by the Farm Bureau for their traditional turkey dinner menu from high to low according to their 2021 cost as you read from left to right.

Every other Thanksgiving dinner items increased in cost during 2022.

As a reminder, a year ago, the St.Louis Fed offered this little beauty of a tweet, suggesting Americans switch from Turkey to Tofurkey to save some cash.

Keep in mind that this plant-based meal would be almost 3 times larger by weight than the poultry-based meal and may either keep you at the dinner table longer or provide you with more leftovers.

Remind us again who was responsible for soaring poultry and soybean prices back then.

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