FAST FIVE: "It's Over": Head Of Twitter France Waves White Flag, Quits

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Damien Viel, who led Twitter France for around seven years, announced in a Sunday tweet that he would be leaving.

Pride, honor and mission accomplished,” Viel tweeted, apparently unaware of what “mission accomplished” means.

#workhardplayhard #OCaptainMyCaptain #LoveWhereYouWorked – damien viel (@damienviel) November 20, 2022 As Bloomberg notes; A number of workers at the Paris office, which had fewer than 50 employees before billionaire Elon Musk took over last month, are focused on advertiser relationships.

Musk, who's already slashed Twitter's workforce in half in sweeping job cuts that included much of the company's management, is considering additional layoffs to begin as soon as Monday.

Viel's departure follows mass layoffs of around 3,700 jobs, which was then followed by a company-wide email from new boss Elon Musk requiring employees to opt in to a “hardcore” work environment, or take a pay cut.

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