FAST FIVE: Germany Gives Poland Patriot Missiles To Defend Airspace

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Germany Gives Poland Patriot Missiles To Defend Airspace Less than a week following the errant Ukrainian missile fiasco which killed two people just inside the Polish border, but which was initially blamed on Russia, Poland has confirmed it will host a US-made Patriot air defense system on the Ukrainian border.

He tweeted that during a phone conversation Monday with the German side, he will suggest the location for the Patriot missile reinforcement.

Poland already has a deployment of US Patriot missiles.

Ironically all of this comes in response to a deadly border incident which later was shown not to have involved Russia.

15 explosion was likely the result of a Ukrainian anti-air missile, despite the Ukrainian government insisting that Russian forces had “attacked” NATO member ally Poland.  But rare tensions emerged between the Zelensky government and his Western backers after both NATO and the White House laid out a clear case that it was an accidental Ukrainian missile which landed on the Polish village of Przewodów, very close to the border with Ukraine.  Tyler Durden Wed, 11/23/2022 – 02:45.

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