FAST FIVE: "Blueprint For Success": DeSantis Credits Florida's Red Wave To Leadership Against "Woke Mind Virus"

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“We secured supermajorities in the Florida legislature-the most Republicans we have ever had in Florida's history.” Florida Gov.

And when you do that, the people respond,” DeSantis stated.

(Nanette Holt/The Epoch Times) He continued by giving the example that Florida has millions more people than New York, but New York's budget is “over twice the size of our budget in Florida.” Despite that, DeSantis claimed that when New Yorkers move to Florida, they remark on Florida's much better roads, services, and infrastructure.

(Meiling Lee/The Epoch Times) DeSantis added that if any prosecutors try to pick and choose which laws to enforce, he immediately removes them from their posts.

All of this, DeSantis said in conclusion, is his administration's willingness to stand against the “woke mind virus” that's destroying society.

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