FAST FIVE: What A Choice: A Tyrannical World Government Or A Nuclear War

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Meanwhile, other western leaders such as US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin are warning that a truly multipolar world would be one that would inevitably lead to nuclear confrontation and nuclear conflict- US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned Saturday Russia's invasion of Ukraine offers a preview of a world where nuclear-armed countries could threaten other nations and said Beijing, like Moscow, seeks a world where might makes right.

Austin made the remarks at the annual Halifax International Security Forum, which attracts defense and security officials from Western democracies.

Politicians all over the western world have been talking a lot about the threat of nuclear war lately.

In such an environment, very little would be able to be grown, and so global food production would soon fall to only a small fraction of what it is today- In the scenario of a war between the United States and Russia, the global average calorie production from crops would decrease by around 90% within four years after the nuclear war.

People in most nations would consume fewer calories than their bodies burn at rest and more than 5 billion people would die by the end of the second year.

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