FAST FIVE: Mayor Of London Calls For "New Regulation Of Online Speech" After Trump Twitter Reinstatement

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He must not be allowed to use social media to preach hate and further fuel the politics of division.

Sadiq, do a better job protecting the people of London from crime and maybe someone might take you seriously. – Patrick Brauckmann ️ (@vonbrauckmann) November 20, 2022 “A far-right politician” is misinformation. – Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) November 20, 2022 And you are a far left socialist who has turned London into an absolutely.

Just shut up about Trump and sweep your front door first – Hunter02 (@UncleSa88735673) November 20, 2022 Couldn't be worse , let's be honest – Maggie (@mortonpeas) November 21, 2022 *  *  * Brand new merch now available.

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