FAST FIVE: Humans Could Live On The Moon "This Decade": NASA Official

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Humans Could Live On The Moon “This Decade”: NASA Official The NASA official in charge of the Orion lunar spacecraft program says humans could live on the moon for lengthy periods this decade.

Speaking with the BBC, Howard Hu told host Laura Kuenssberg that Wednesday's launch of the Artemis rocket, which carries Orion, was a “historic day for human space flight,” according to the BBC.

Orion is currently about 134,000km (83,300 miles) from the Moon.

” “I mean, we are going back to the Moon, we're working towards a sustainable program and this is the vehicle that will carry the people that will land us back on the Moon again.” Program manager for Orion at NASA, Howard Hu, tells #BBCLauraK they believe humans will be living on the Moon by the end of the decade – BBC News (UK) (@BBCNews) November 20, 2022 According to Hu, if the current Artemis flight was successful, the next one will be manned, while a third would be where astronauts could actually land on the Moon.

Mr Hu admitted that watching the mission from Earth was not unlike being an anxious parent, but he said seeing the images and the videos coming back from Orion “really gives that excitement and feeling of, 'wow, we are headed back to the Moon'”.

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