FAST FIVE: Farcical COP27 Debacle Ends In "Tears And Frustration" As Furious Eco-Delegates Realize Who's In Charge

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The only reason it wasn't a total disaster is because it introduced Greta Thunberg's far more effective replacement – Iranian Sophia Kianni – to the world.

Sophia Kianni, 20, an advisor to the UN Secretary General on climate.

“This is the make or break decade but what we have in front of us is not enough of a step forward.” This from the guy whose continent is backsliding at a feverish pace away from “green” energy to coal now that its main energy artery out of Russia has been cut off to facilitate the US state department's ambitions in Ukraine.

It was applauded by African and non-African nations alike for shepherding the creation of the “loss and damage” fund.

Shoukry's comments echoed the formal remarks to the UN plenary by Saudi Arabia, whose representative thanked the presidency on behalf of the 22 Arab League countries for “titanic efforts .

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