FAST FIVE: Arizona Election Day Problems Far Wider Than Maricopa County Admits: Report

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Arizona Election Day Problems Far Wider Than Maricopa County Admits: Report A report compiled by 11 RNC lawyers who witnessed widespread issues in Arizona on Election Day 2022 reveals that Maricopa County had far more problems than they are reporting.

The 11 attorneys visited 115 out of the 223 vote centers in Maricopa County on Election Day and found that 72 of them (or 62.61%) “had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots,” Sonnenklar┬áreported, “causing voters to either deposit their ballots into box 3, spoil their ballots and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the vote center without voting.” Box 3 – also called “Door 3” or “Slot 3” – is a separate box on the tabulators into which ballots not counted by the machines were placed for later tabulation.

“However, many ballots were not able to be tabulated by the tabulators at all, no matter how many times the voter inserted the ballot.” According to Sonnenklar, the reports “directly contradict the statements of County election officials that (1) printer/tabulator issues were limited to only 70 of the 223 vote centers, (2) the printer/tabulator problems were resolved as of 3:00 p.m., and (3) the printer/tabulator issues were insignificant in the entire scheme of the election.” Meanwhile, 51% of voting centers had “significant lines,” with many voters waiting multiple hours before receiving a ballot.

“[B]ecause Republican voters significantly outnumbered Democrat voters in the County on election day, such voter suppression would necessarily impact the vote tallies for Republican candidates much more than the vote tallies for Democrat candidates,” Sonnenklar wrote.

28 deadline due to the irregularities in Maricopa.

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