FAST FIVE: Watch: NASA's Orion Spacecraft Buzzes Moon Ahead Of Week-Long Orbit

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The spacecraft will perform a distant retrograde orbit insertion burn on Friday, allowing it to stay in orbit for about a week to test spacecraft systems.  The close approach was captured on Orion's cameras and relayed on NASA TV.  As #Orion makes its closest lunar approach today, 53 years ago the Apollo 12 astronauts were in lunar orbit preparing to head back home.

More – NASA History Office (@NASAhistory) November 21, 2022 Here's the video of the spacecraft performing its first lunar flyby.  LIVE NOW: The @NASA_Orion spacecraft is performing its first powered lunar flyby. – NASA (@NASA) November 21, 2022 The capsule's cameras also sent back a picture of tiny Earth.  “Our pale blue dot and its 8 billion human inhabitants now coming into view,” said Mission Control commentator Sandra Jones.

Before the fly-by, we conducted an outbound powered fly-by burn, increasing speed at a rate of more than 580 mph: – Jim Free (@JimFree) November 21, 2022 “This is one of those days that you've been thinking about and talking about for a long, long time,” flight director Zeb Scoville said.

The Artemis I mission launched last Wednesday morning.

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