FAST FIVE: Victor Davis Hanson: The Strange Morality Of The Bay-Area Billionaire Left

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Consider how the Washington Post gushed of the scam artist:  Harnessing the enormous wealth created by FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange that Sam Bankman-Fried had founded, they undertook a project to spend potentially billions of dollars on pandemic prevention, a long-neglected priority on Capitol Hill even amid the coronavirus crisis.

Bankman-Fried grew up on the progressive, moralistic Stanford campus, the son of two crusading Stanford law professors who often wrote about morality and the dispossessed.  SBF, as he is known, was groomed and prepped at an exclusive nearby Hillsborough private academy before being packed off to MIT.

Performance Art Grifting In the context of Bankman-Fried, we recall another kindred Bay-Area erstwhile momentary billionaire charlatan.

Translated, that meant that the FBI partnered with Facebook to quash news deemed not helpful to the Biden election cause, such as the all-too-true revelations from the incriminating Hunter Biden laptop that was falsely passed off as “Russian disinformation.” Is that a very liberal, civil libertarian thing to do-to weld the state and the media to punish political enemies and censor the news.

Their wealth guaranteed them leverage, and leverage ensured exemptions.  But Bay Area morality was not just a pragmatic matter of the exempt elite force-feeding utopia down the throats of others who had no such immunity.

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