FAST FIVE: Shoplifting In California Is Out Of Control Due To Zero Consequences: District Attorney

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Its most well-known statute raised the minimum amount of stolen goods from $400 to $950 for a theft case to be classified as a felony, which critics consider to be the main cause of a rise in petty theft across the state.

“We're a very litigious society here in California, and the stores and their insurance carriers really are afraid of being sued for trying to stop a crime that has little or no consequence,” he said.

47 affected property crime, as personal property thefts grew by 9 percent from 2014 to 2016, with thefts from motor vehicles accounting for about three-quarters of this growth.

(Screenshot via Instagram/Huntington Beach Police – HBPD) “We have this increased lawlessness that comes from [the perception that] 'I can take other people's property because nothing will happen to me,'” Pierson said.

“And that's a truer set of data for where crime actually is in California.” Tyler Durden Thu, 10/06/2022 – 15:20.

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