FAST FIVE: DACA Ruled Illegal After Appeals Court Cites 'Severe Deficiencies'

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The 5th Circuit maintained the same policy, and sent the case back to Hanen so he can review a revised set of rules that the Biden administration announced in august, to determine whether those rules are legal.

-Epoch Times As Jonathan Turley notes; Writing for a unanimous three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit (with US Circuit Judges James Ho and Kurt Engelhardt), Chief Judge Priscilla Richman found that President Obama did indeed circumvent Congress and evaded the limits imposed in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) when it enacted DACA in 2012.

The Biden Administration fought to block any judicial review by challenging the standing of Texas to bring the action.

The case could ultimately find its way to the Supreme Court but such a move could only magnify the bad precedent already created in the case for the Administration.

*  *  * And according to the Daily Caller, the Biden administration says it will take legal action after the 5th Circuit decision.

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