FAST FIVE: Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case On DOJ 'Filter Teams' Used After FBI Trump Raid

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The case pertained to a DOJ money laundering probe that claimed that the use of a filter team was a violation of the Constitution's 6th Amendment right to counsel.

“Only after the filter team has reviewed the documents would a court rule on whether privilege applies.

That procedure needlessly and harmfully exposes assertedly privileged communications to the government's eyes,” lawyers for Mordechai Korf, who the DOJ targeted with a civil forfeiture complaint in January, said in their filing.

“And it jeopardizes the confidentiality needed for the applicable privileges to serve their vital purposes.” Trump Case If the Supreme Court ruled on the case, it may have┬áprovided clarity for the DOJ and Trump's legal team following the raid.

“Never has an argument against 'interference' better underscored the need for judicial involvement,” the filing read.

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