FAST FIVE: South Korea Vow "Stern Response" After North Korea Ballistic Missile Flies 4,500km At A Speed Of Mach 17

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The JSC added that South Korea and US intelligence authorities are still analyzing more details.

South Korea slammed the North Korean ballistic missile launch, saying it deters peace and security of the Korean Peninsula and the international community, and it strongly condemns it as the launch is a clear breach of UN Security Council resolutions.

The government is urging everyone in the country to take shelter immediately. – NHK WORLD News (@NHKWORLD_News) October 3, 2022 “…Hokkaido Oshima Town Toshima Village Niijima Village Kozushima Village Miyake Village Mikurashima Village Hachijo Town Aogashima Village Ogasawara Village” – Moshe Schwartz (@YWNReporter) October 3, 2022 North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile toward the east side, according to text message from South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

JUST IN – North Korea fired a ballistic missile that flew over Japan.

Missile alerts have been – (@disclosetv) October 3, 2022 It is unclear what response, if any, Japan will pursue.

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