FAST FIVE: Now That Twitter Belongs To Elon, Here Is What He Will Do To The Platform In His Own Words

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So much so that he finds Russia Today “quite entertaining” with “lots of bullshit but some good points too.” Musk expressed similar sentiment in the following exchange with ex-wife Talulah Jane (TJ) Riley, who was dismayed at the Babylon Bee's suspension and who proposed to “buy Twitter and make it radically free speech”.

If it has a centralized entity behind it, it will be attacked.” Jack's conclusion: “this isn't complicated work, it just has to be done right so it's resilient to what has happened to twitter.” After a lengthy back and forth, Musk tells Jack that “it's worth both trying to move Twitter in a better direction and doing something new that's decentralized.” A quick tangent, in which we learn that it wasn't just Elon seeking to buy Twitter, so was the J.P.

Here is the rest of what the CEO of one of the world's biggest tabloid empires (and recent acquiror of Politico) wants to do: Status Quo: it is the de facto public town square, but It is a problem that it does not adhere to free speech principles.

Goal: Make Twitter the global backbone of free speech, an open market place of ideas that truly complies with the spirit of the first amendment and shift the business model to a combination of ad-supported and paid to support quality Game Plan: 1.) “Solve Free Speech” 1-a) Step 1″ Make it censorship-FREE by radically reducing Terms of Services (now hundreds of pages) to the following: Twitter users agree to: (1) Use our service to send spam or scam users, (2) Promote violence, (3) Post illegal pornography.

Then create a marketplace for algorithms, e.g., if you're a snowflake and don't want content that offends you pick another algorithm.

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