FAST FIVE: High School Girl's Volleyball Team Banned From Own Locker Room After Complaining About Trans Athlete

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High School Girl's Volleyball Team Banned From Own Locker Room After Complaining About Trans Athlete Female high school athletes in Burlington, Vermont have been banned from their own locker room after making complaints to school officials about the inappropriate behavior of a biological male teammate that identifies as trans.  Conflict among the girl's volleyball team at Randolph High School began after a trans team member was allowed into the girl's locker room, where students say he began to make comments that caused the females discomfort.  Despite aggressive school policies defending the preferences of trans students, the girls decided to make a formal complaint about the locker room arrangement.

Everyone's asking, 'So, why aren't you allowed in the locker room?'” said Blake Allen, who along with her fellow teammates are currently barred from using the locker room after some of the girls on the team objected to allowing a transgender player in the girl's locker room.

They should all be dropped.” In a bizarre twist, the girls (at least 10 of them) are now required to take turns changing in a single stall bathroom while the trans student is allowed free rein to change wherever he pleases.

– Caitlyn Jenner (@Caitlyn_Jenner) October 3, 2022 Randolph High School has a history of decidedly leftist political bias, with the school changing their own logo (The Galloping Ghost) in 2020 after complaints that it could be construed as a “KKK reference.”  The school superintendent cited “racial justice” as a rationale for changing the mascot, even though it had no relation to racism.

The locker room incident in Vermont is just one in an endless array of “trans rights” in public schools taking precedence over the privacy and safety of the vast majority of other students.  In particular, biological men participating in women's school sports has become a major point of contention as endless accommodations are given to trans athletes.  Trans participants have been consistently breaking women's sports records and crushing any hope female athletes have of gaining recognition or scholarships.

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