FAST FIVE: Beijing Will Know More About You Than You Do: Gettr CEO

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Beijing Will Know More About You Than You Do: Gettr CEO Authored by Daniel Teng via The Epoch Times, When people think of a “data breach,” their natural reaction is to worry about losing information like passwords.

“What it's about is they're going to know more about your mental makeup than you do, and that's scary,” he told The Epoch Times on Oct.

“Fast forward another 10 or 20 years, and say my daughter runs for office. Imagine the manipulative ability for them to have the psychographic analyses of an entire generation of political leaders and voters, not just in the United States but around the world.

“And think how they're going to use that to manipulate other governments, people in other countries-and they're just getting started.” Questions have long lingered over how China's state-backed technology companies use the data they collect.

Some of the most well-known tech brands in the world are based out of China, including TikTok (ByteDance), Huawei, HikVision, WeChat (Tencent), and the world's largest drone maker DJI.

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