FAST FIVE: Senate GOP Judiciary Committee To Investigate 'Excessive' FBI Raid Of Pennsylvania Pro-Life Activist's Home

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23 raid on the Pennsylvania home of pro-life activist Mark Houck.

“The FBI admitted in a statement that as many as 20 agents were present with their guns drawn.” Attorney General Merrick Garland tells reporters Aug.

According to the letter, the incident involved an abortion clinic worker who allegedly shouted obscenities at Houck's then-11-year-old son and invaded his personal space, refusing to leave him alone.

(GiveSendGo screenshot via The Epoch Times) In the communications, Heffron told the DOJ that if it intended to indict Houck, he would receive the summons on Houck's behalf and that he would appear voluntarily.

with reportedly over 20 FBI agents surrounding their home wearing armor plated tactical vests, ballistic helmets and holding ballistic shields and long guns,” the Senate letter said.

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