FAST FIVE: Navy Attempting To Remove Sailor Who Refused Vaccine Under 'Pretext' Of Attempted Desertion: Attorney

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By November 2020, she had checked herself into a hospital program for mental health issues and began to address her struggles with some success.

But four months later, the mold-although not visible at this time-returned in the wake of Hurricane Ida in September 2021, Fregeau said.

“She was coughing uncontrollably, was in a constant state of congestion and unable to sleep.” Out of concern for her daughter's health, Fregeau took the child to a pediatrician who advised “it was an environmental mold issue and recommended we get out of the house,” she said.

“She moved her children to Tennessee to be with family while she sorted things out,” he said.

This is what ultimately led to an alleged 20-day unauthorized absence, beginning Dec.

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