FAST FIVE: "Most Serious Escalation" Since War's Start, NATO Says Of Annexation Move, But Putin 'Failing' On Battlefield

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Even though this is a “first” for Zelensky (formally launching an application to the NATO military alliance), the whole thing remains largely symbolic, given NATO need unanimous consent when it comes to admission of new members.

If just one country says no, such as Turkey or Hungary, then it's a “no”.  More statements by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: – ТРУХА⚡️English (@TpyxaNews) September 30, 2022 During Stoltenberg's speech, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a separate statement calling Putin's earlier blaming the Untied States for the Nordstream pipeline attacks as “absurd”.

September 30th photo, via Ukrainian President's Office Of course, looming large over Brussels is the fact that based on Article 5, any acceptance of Ukraine into NATO would automatically trigger a Russia-West world war, and follows increasing nuclear rhetoric out of Moscow.

[12pm eastern US time] The topic hasn't been announced.”  Is Brussels ready to answer in the affirmative.

However NATO chooses to respond, the reality remains that NATO has already been at Russia's doorstep in Ukraine for years at this point, with weapons shipments and military infrastructure continuing.

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