FAST FIVE: Loonshots And Collapse

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Loonshots And Collapse Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The momentum of franchise success and centralization of power are fatal.

When the organization's franchises are successful, there's little selective pressure to gamble on innovations. Scaling innovations up (i.e.

When the franchise of an empire or movie studio is running smoothly, the risks of investing in loonshots are daunting.

How about burying the innovation as needlessly risky.

But that's not how innovation works. As the franchise decays and the supreme leaders start believing their own PR and making catastrophically misguided decisions in an echo-chamber of cheering toadies, the whole system slips into a non-linear dynamic that ends in a dramatic phase change, the collapse of the franchise and all those who clung to it as no-risk and permanent.

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