FAST FIVE: Germany Believes High Explosive Devices Equivalent To "500 Kilograms Of TNT" Used To Destroy Nord Stream

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Germany Believes High Explosive Devices Equivalent To “500 Kilograms Of TNT” Used To Destroy Nord Stream Update (0954ET): German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that German security officials believe “highly effective explosive devices” were used to blow up the Nord Stream pipelines in the Baltic Sea.  According to SPIEGEL information, it was calculated that explosive devices with an effect comparable to that of 500 kilograms of TNT must have been used to destroy the tubes.

The seismic signals registered by various measuring stations were also included in the estimate.  The previously unknown estimates support the assumption that only a state actor can be behind the action.

He said the other two are situated in the Danish exclusive economic zone.  While neither NS1 nor NS2 was operational during the suspected undersea explosions earlier this week, they were filled with NatGas to Germany, with Denmark estimating the leaks would dissipate by Sunday.  There are two massive gas bubbles on the surface of the Baltic above the damaged pipelines in Sweden's economic zone.

Russia's US embassy asked for the meeting as it “insists on the need for a comprehensive and objective examination of the circumstances of the unprecedented attacks on Russian pipelines.” Reuters said the embassy commented on its Telegram channel that the US attempts to “squeeze out” Russian oil firms from the global energy market through “non-market methods and sanctions.”  The Russian prosecutor's office told Interfax the Nord Stream incident is being investigated as an “international terrorism” probe.

Before this winter and the reduction in NS1 capacity, the EU received about 40% of its NatGas via pipelines from Russia, a figure that Bloomberg now has around 9%.  Tyler Durden Thu, 09/29/2022 – 09:54.

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