FAST FIVE: Israeli Investigators Find COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Side Effects: Leaked Video

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“The current evidence supports a causal association between mRNA COVID-19 vaccination and myocarditis and pericarditis,” Dr.

Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine also utilizes mRNA technology.

Israel has primarily administered Pfizer's vaccine, entering into a unique agreement (pdf) with the US-based pharmaceutical company.

In return, the country allowed Pfizer executives to access some national health data.

“So they¬†hid it even from their own experts.” Shir-Raz who was fired from her job last year for writing articles critical of the MoH's handling of the lockdown and COVID-19 deaths statistics, said that breaking the story was about “getting the truth out.” “For the past two months, I've been dedicating myself almost entirely to this story only – It's not just another issue for me, it's not another article,” Shir-Raz said.

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