FAST FIVE: Beto Turns On Biden, Blames Prez For Latino Voters' Rightward Shift

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(Brandon Bell/Getty Images) Beto O'Rourke has blamed Joe Biden's actions during the 2020 election as playing a part in Latino voters' rightward political shift in recent years.

In South Texas, a historically Democratic stronghold, Hispanic votes shifted significantly.

The momentum Republicans gained among Hispanics appears to be sustained in Texas so far.

Flores became only the second Republican to ever win in a Rio Grande Valley congressional district and the first Mexican-born Republican ever elected to Congress from Texas.

“I am making sure that we do not commit the same sin as some Democrats before me have committed, which is take voters of color-Black voters and Latino-for granted,” he said, adding that his Spanish language skills gave him a “competitive advantage.” Recent polls show the democratic candidate is falling behind Abbott, who is seeking a third term as governor.

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