FAST FIVE: UN Warns Of 'Worrying And Dangerous' Conspiracy Theories

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UN Warns Of 'Worrying And Dangerous' Conspiracy Theories The United Nations would like everyone to be on the lookout for 'worrying and dangerous' conspiracy theories – especially those that might lead people to the conclusion that COVID-19 escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China.

The 'research' included manipulating bat Covid to be more transmissible to humans, and following Obama's ban, was funneled overseas to the Wuhan Institute of Virology through New York nonprofit, EcoHealth Alliance – whose CEO Peter Daszak secured lucrative contracts to study and manipulate bat coronaviruses in Wuhan China four months before Obama's ban.

“And then I see the scientists. – victor tan (@Victorhashira) August 5, 2022 We challenge the UN to 'debunk' any of the above.

Now that you're up to speed Enter the UN's new #ThinkBeforeSharing campaign, which helps people “learn how to identify, debunk, react to and report on conspiracy theories to prevent their spread.” To aid gullable individuals navigate the information highway without hitting any conspiracy potholes, UNESCO provides some helpful infographics – one of which thanks Stephen Lewandowsky – Australian psychologist and co-author of a March 2022 Scientific American report complaining about how “The Lab-Leak Hypothesis Made It Harder for Scientists to Seek the Truth.” So the default position of those behind the UN's “watch out for conspiracy theories” campaign is that the lab leak is a conspiracy theory.

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