FAST FIVE: "Rich People Can Be Very Cheap": Yacht Owners Hem And Haw About The Rising Cost Of Diesel

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After all, affluent yacht owners are starting to complain about the high prices.

One owner, who docks in the Hamptons, told the Post: “It used to be $2,500 to take my boat out for lunch but this year it's going to be $5,000.” Large boats that are about 70 feet burn about 130 gallons per hour just to keep their engines running.  Another yacht owner, who recently took a trip from an “exclusive marina” in Miami back up to Montauk, complained: “It cost 72% more to have the boat brought up to New York this year from Florida.”  Diesel is up more than $1.77 per gallon over last year's price, the report notes.

But the reality is that the wealthy haven't quite seen enough to call off their summer soirees.  “Everyone whines but all the docks are still at capacity,” an owner said.  A dock owner chimed in: “Rich people can be very cheap with certain things.

Spending a thousand dollars on a lunch is no problem, but paying an extra couple hundred dollars on fuel will annoy them.” “There are guys worth hundreds of millions that cut out coupons and give them to the crew for buying groceries.

It sucks, but if you're complaining about filling up a car, that's a necessity.

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