FAST FIVE: Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Early COVID Therapeutics Innovator, Dies Of Cancer At 48

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(Courtesy of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation) He was born in 1973, in Kyiv, Ukraine, and came to Brooklyn, New York, in 1977 with his family.

in chemistry with high honors at Hofstra University and then earned an M.D.

As a man of God, his faith gave him the strength to stand in the breach and deliver his life saving Zelenko Protocol when the medical community faltered.

His Protocol saved millions of lives worldwide and is a standard of care for physicians who honor their Hippocratic oath.” Zelenko, also known as “Zev,” had sent a letter to then-President Donald Trump about hydroxychloroquine.

“I recall hearing President Trump during a March 2020 press conference talk about a letter he received from a country doctor in upstate NY.

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