FAST FIVE: Watch: Body Cam Video Of Akron Police Shooting Jayland Walker 60 Times

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Soon after, police unsuccessfully tried stopping him with Tasers.  An officer points a Taser at the fleeing Jayson Walker (screen shot of Akron police video) Walker continued running, and as he reached a parking lot, police say he quickly turned toward the chasing officers.

Mylett said the precise number of impacts is unknown as medical examiners sort out the entrance and exit wounds.

The video appears to show that police continued firing their weapons after Walker had crumpled to the ground and after seemingly dozens of rounds had been fired.

In all, eight officers opened fire and have been put on leave pending the investigation, as is customary.  Police shared a photo of a pistol they say was found in plain view on the driver's seat of Walker's car, along with a loaded magazine and a gold ring.

They also said that, after the chase and shooting, investigators found a shell casing near the site of Walker's alleged weapon-firing that's consistent with the weapon found in the car.  A handgun, loaded magazine and gold ring police say they found in Walker's car (Akron Police Department) A close-up view of the weapon and ring (Akron Police Department) Akron authorities echoed the Walker family's urging that protests remain peaceful, and asked for the public's patience during the investigation of the incident.  Click here to view full press conference video, which YouTube won't allow to be embedded here (46 minutes long; narrated body-cam video starts at 15:40)  AKRON OH: Local reporters report a handful of protesters outside of Akron police headquarters have attempted to tear down barricades and tear gas has been deployed, unlawful assembly declared – Drew Hernandez (@DrewHLive) July 4, 2022 [NOW: #BLM #Protest #March against @AkronOhioMayor 's @Akron_Police .

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