FAST FIVE: Bulgaria Expels 70 Russian Diplomats As Kremlin Says Kiev Must Accept 'All Conditions' To End War

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Starting June 28, the Bulgarian government declared that Russian diplomats in the eastern European NATO country “persona non grata” as they were “working against” Sofia's interests, and they were given until July 3rd to depart Bulgaria.

Bulgaria's acting Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said, “Anyone who works against the interests of Bulgaria will be called to go back to the country from which they came.” Sofia, Bulgaria via EUReporter The Associated Press confirmed on Sunday that “Two Russian airplanes were set to depart Bulgaria on Sunday with scores of Russian diplomatic staff and their families amid a mass expulsion that has sent tensions soaring between the historically close nations, a Russian diplomat said.” Russia's ambassador to Bulgaria had earlier stated that Moscow is ready to close its embassy in Sofia altogether in retaliation for the expulsions.

Crucially, Kremlin spokesman Peskov has on Monday asserted that for the war to end, Ukraine must agree to all of Russia's conditions.

“Starting June 19, [Russian] formations and military units .

“I hope everything will be successful as it happened in the [Luhansk] area,” he added.

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