FAST FIVE: Are US Weapons Supplied To Ukraine Ending Up On DarkNet Marketplaces?

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They're worried about anti-tank missiles and explosive drones ending up in the “wrong hands.” A new investigation allegedly found some of these weapons are being sold on the dark web.

Scamming schemes are common for dark web marketplaces.” As early as April, US officials began admitting that once Javelin anti-tank weapons cross into Ukraine, they have no idea where they go from there.  One intelligence source told CNN: “We have fidelity for a short time, but when it enters the fog of war, we have almost zero.

Once the weapons hit the ground, there's no tracking the weapons from there, and some end up in criminal gangs' hands.  “The weapons from this war are still being used by criminal groups today,” Europol Director Catherine De Bolle told the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag in June.  Last Thursday, the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) issued a statement urging US military leaders to send weapons inspectors into the war-torn country to monitor where the billions of dollars in arms are being handed out.  RT's investigation sheds important light on the Pentagon's worst fears of high-tech weapons ending up in the wrong hands and some of the weapons for sale on the darknet.

There may never be oversight and accountability of the weapons on the ground because, as the NYTimes recently said, the CIA has had a presence on the battlefield since the start of the invasion.

When it comes to the CIA's covert arms programs, they usually like to keep where the weapons are being sent a secret.  Tyler Durden Mon, 07/04/2022 – 10:30.

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