FAST FIVE: Optimism Among US Business Leaders Drops To New Low Amid Rising Inflation, Supply Issues, Labor Shortages

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(Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images) More than 1,500 midsize business leaders participated in the survey (pdf), which was conducted between May 25 and June 10 across executives of midsize companies in the United States that have annual revenues from $20 million to $500 million.

That figure is also down significantly from 75 percent one year ago.

Meanwhile, just 9 percent of business leaders expressed optimism over the global economy.

Despite the gloomy outlook, 73 percent of those surveyed said they expect increased revenue or sales for the year ahead, while 71 percent are optimistic about their company's performance.

The survey comes shortly after a poll by Morning Consult found that optimism about the future of the United States is waning among adults.

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