FAST FIVE: US Says Iran Deal "Far From Certain" After EU Scrambled To Save Nuclear Talks

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US Says Iran Deal “Far From Certain” After EU Scrambled To Save Nuclear Talks The Iran nuclear talks in Vienna have largely dropped from the news given they've been stalled for months, after delegations returned to their capitals.

The Biden administration has meanwhile stopped just short of declaring the negotiation dead altogether, while also lately issuing vague statements that it hadn't shut the door.

Via Reuters EU officials have held extensive meetings in Tehran: “Enrique Mora, the senior EU official coordinating the nuclear talks, traveled to Iran in an effort to overcome a seven-week stalemate in talks between the US, Iran and Western powers.

“At this point a deal remains far from certain.

Iran needs to decide whether it insists on extraneous conditions and whether it wants to conclude a deal quickly, which we believe would serve all side's interests.

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