FAST FIVE: NY Governor Announces New Gun Control Plans After Buffalo Shooting, Signs Order On Domestic Terrorism

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(Erie County District Attorney's Office via AP) Gun Control Proposals Hochul said her office will work with legislators to propose a package of laws that will strengthen current gun control measures and tighten any loopholes in the state.

“We are introducing legislation that revises the definition of a firearm to include those weapons, which means we'll be able to charge and prosecute people accordingly,” she said.

“People are wondering how you had the right to acquire the weapon in the first place when you are this individual.

And now, it'll be a requirement,” Hochul noted.

Officials said on May 15 that last year, Gendron had made a reference to a murder-suicide in a paper he submitted at his high school, after which New York State Police took him into custody and had him undergo a mental health evaluation in June 2021.

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