FAST FIVE: Weaponizing The Pursuit Of Profit: Rubio Warns Of 'Extraordinary' Leverage Held By China Over American Companies

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“Now, not only does that threaten American policymakers, but they know that the businesses that rely on those things are going to be screaming at the door of the Capitol saying, this is hurting our economy, I see it now.” The airplane maker that Rubio talked to was “just one industry and one company.” “Imagine that across multiple industries, the impact that would have on our economy and the impact that would have on policymakers, I'm telling you policymakers would respond to that,” said Rubio.

However, in America and the world at large, there hasn't been a “sea change” in perception or the level of urgency necessary to confront the threat, Rubio said.

Plenty of US companies are apparently willing enough to go along with the Chinese regime's censorship demands, even though that is not necessarily consistent with their domestic positions.

“We should not be building public policy on what these companies think is in their best interest, we have to be acting in the best interest of the country,” Rubio said.

“Just because some company or some Chamber of Commerce comes up to D.C.

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