FAST FIVE: Foreigners Sold The Most US Stocks On Record In March, China Dumps TSY Holdings To Lowest Since 2010

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Foreigners bought $48.8BN in TSYs, down from $75.3BN in Feb Foreigners bought $32.4BN in Agencies, up from $21.3BN in Feb Foreigners bought $33.4BN in LT corporate bonds, up from $20.3BN in Feb Foreigners sold a record $94.3BN in corporate stocks, up from $25.4BN in sales in Feb For the 2nd month in the last three (to March – when the latest TIC data represents), 'Major Foreign Holders' holdings of US Treasuries shrank (down $97 billion in March – the biggest drop since March 2020, the COVID collapse).

Away from bonds, foreigners sold the most US stocks on record in March at $94.3bn (almost 4x more than the $25.4BN in February, and the most on record).

On a trailing LTM basis, foreigners sold $180BN in US stocks, just shy of a record hit in late 2018 when the Fed was forced to reverse its tightening.

And finally, as Treasury holdings drop, gold reserves have surged to new record highs.

Source: Bloomberg And all this as The Fed stops holding up the bond market with its buying and sanctions push some nations to prefer alternative assets to USTs.

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