FAST FIVE: Watch: Joe Rogan Details How Anyone Who Doesn't Identify As Far-Left Is Now Labelled "Alt-Right"

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Lindsay provided an example in journalist Tim Pool, noting “Just the other day here on the show you had, 'Tim Pool's alt-right or whatever',” referring to comments about Pool by an Australian journalist on Rogan's show over Pool's criticism of strict restrictions enforced by the Australian government.

He was a boots on the ground journalist for VICE-he was all up in Occupy.” “I know Tim very well,” Rogan continued, adding “He's not alt-right at all, but he'll entertain a conversation with anybody- he had [James] O'Keefe from Project Veritas on the other day, and that's like-that guy's the boogey man to the left.

Even if what he's saying is a f*cking threat.” Australian journalist Josh Szeps labels Tim Pool an “alt-right troll” for Tim's principled stance against Australia's involuntary forced segregation of their citizens. – Mythinformed MKE (@MythinformedMKE) January 13, 2022 Further referring to O'Keefe, Rogan noted “He's exposing threats to democracy; he's exposing real live corruption; he's exposing real live conspiracies, and [the left] is like 'Ew no, but it's Veritas'.” Elsewhere during the podcast, Lindsay drew parallels between Marxist indoctrination in American schools and the Chinese Cultural Revolution, noting “the goal is to destabilise the kids' identity so they are groomable- and then they look at their parents' generation and say 'that doesn't; represent me, we need something different.” Lindsay continued, “It's to cut the tie between the continuity of culture up to that point, including the family, and to start a whole new culture afterwards.” “Pol Pot called it 'year zero', I guess Klaud Schwab calls it 'The Great Reset,'” Lindsay added.

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