FAST FIVE: "The Problem Is Getting Worse" – China Sees New Marriages Fall To Lowest Level In 13 Years

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In the mean time, Chinese couples are facing some of the same obstacles to marriage and starting a family that young people in the US are also complaining about.

According to the FT, efforts to lower the cost of marriage and child birth have largely failed to encourage more marriages in the rapidly-aging Asian society.

“The problem is getting worse and worse,” said Wang Xiangyang, an author of the Southwest Jiaotong study.

“The space for new policy is limited when you have more young men than women,” said a Beijing-based government adviser.

“I am happy to have a wife, but not so about my parents having to empty their savings to help me achieve that goal.” Ultimately, the biggest hurdle for Beijing is similar to the hurdles facing the US: fewer women see marriage as a necessity, and a growing share of those who do want to settle down are waiting longer, leaving them less time to build a family.

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