FAST FIVE: Smollett Blames Police, Black 'White MAGA Men', & Anti-Gay Lover In Surreal Defense Of Hoax Attack

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For example, despite Smollett denying that he recruited the Osundairo brothers to stage the attack, Webb nevertheless managed to get him to admit that he had driven around with them prior to the alleged attack.

“It was three years ago.” Owens said it was clear that Webb had “punctured a nerve” with Smollett.

“These included whether Smollett thought a Walgreens was open for 24 hours, why he was looking for eggs in the middle of the night, whether or not he'd asked Abimbola about a workout that night, and on and on until the actor seemed to hit a breaking point.” “By the end of his cross-examination, Webb had left many lingering questions about Smollett's account of what happened for jurors to consider,” Owens recounted.

When it was discovered that the “white men” were, in fact, black, Smollett blamed the black men.

He reportedly asked Webb to spell or abbreviate the word “out of respect for every African American” present in the courtroom, Fox News national correspondent Matt Finn reported via Twitter.

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