FAST FIVE: Putin Blasts Pushing Transgenderism On Children As "Simply Monstrous" In Critique Of West's 'Wokism'

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Putin Blasts Pushing Transgenderism On Children As “Simply Monstrous” In Critique Of West's 'Wokism' Russian President Vladimir Putin issued some typically frank and devastating comments on woke culture afflicting the West and particularly the United States, in particular going after new emerging 'norms' on gender discussions, race relations, as well as 'cancel culture'.

His wide-ranging assessment was given during the annual Valdai Discussion Club event held in the Black Sea city of Sochi on Thursday, during Q&A interactions with the audience.

Outside the US Embassy in Moscow, Getty Images Putin perhaps had the ongoing Dave Chappelle/Netflix controversy in mind, given the comedian's widely watched latest act focused on dismantling transgenderism and advocates' attempts to shut him down.

Putin told the Valdai audience the following: “The fight against racism is a necessary and noble cause, but in the modern 'cancel culture', it turns into reverse discrimination, reverse racism,” Putin said. – Jafpro (@Jafpro_16) October 22, 2021 Meanwhile the West has long accused Moscow of cracking down on “LGBTQ+ rights” – especially after the banning of gay parades in city streets of the past years, also following a series of Russian constitutional amendments passed this year in April which outlawed same-sex marriage and makes it illegal to allow self-identifying trans people to adopt.

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