FAST FIVE: "Makes No Sense": Southwest Airlines Says It Won't Fire Workers Who Don't Get COVID Vaccine

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“This is an evolving process working with the government in terms of what they expect, and very clearly, we wanted our employees to know that nobody is going to lose their job on December the 9th if we're not perfectly in compliance,” Kelly said, according to news reports.

8, requiring federal contractors to make sure their workers are vaccinated.

Earlier this month, Southwest stated that workers would have to be fully vaccinated or receive an exemption to “continue employment with the airline” after it conducted a “thorough review of President Biden's COVID Action Plan and determined that the carrier's contracts with the US government require full compliance with the federal vaccination directive.” Also on Thursday, Southwest said in its quarterly results that it lost some $75 million after thousands of flights were canceled and delayed earlier this month.

The firm blamed the weather and unspecified staffing issues, although there was widespread speculation that pilots and other employees walked out over the vaccine requirement.

“I'm not going to fire anybody,” Kelly told CNBC Thursday after the quarterly results were released.

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